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Getting or staying in shape in IT

So, what to do when going from a job in truck assembly which meant 9 hours of body building a day to a job in IT sitting behind a keyboard which means slouching 10+ hours a day?

Eventually I noticed less vigor in taking the stairs so I looked around at various options. What I first chose was Tai Chi. It only took about two weeks of just practicing the first few forms to make me skip steps going up the stairs again.
Later on I went through a load of books on physical training and ended up with Pavel Tsatsouline’s books on kettlebell and body weight training (calisthenics). And to complement it there’s the book Convict Conditioning by Paul Wade.

What it comes down to is, with these resources and a little bit of time each day for the different excercises I manage to gain strength bit by bit again. Although it won’t be quick, there’s definitely an improvement I can recommend to anyone.



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2012/03/05 bij 00:07

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