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Revive old home server

After replacing the failing home server with a decent Synology NAS I got my hands on a HP Storageworks Data Vault X510.

Being curious I wanted to see if I could get it to run with Debian so I could do some tests with mdadm.

Turns out it’s not too difficult.

-place the harddisk to install it on in a standard PC and use that to install the i386 version of Debian (in this case it was Jessie)
-add a fixed IP address for eth0 in /etc/networking/interfaces (the Realtek r8168 (seen as r8169) couldn’t get a DHCP address for some reason)
-place the disk in the X510 and boot
-login with SSH (you did install it, didn’t you?)
-have fun with it



Written by mnystrom

2015/06/03 bij 20:41

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