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Slow RDP on Pulseway

Something that doesn’t show up anywhere in combination with a Pulseway monitoring sytem, sometimes the RDP session can be slow as snail OS.

What happened, a new server was set up to monitor client server and with some, trying to log into the server through the Pulseway Remote Desktop Client either was very slow, or it just hung at waiting for a screen update forever.

A colleague was investigating the issue together with support from Pulseway, who suspected the cause was the reverse proxy. The server had been moved directly behind the local router and the issue still persisted.

While having a look at it myself I discovered if I restricted RDP features on server side the session improved a little. Looking further I noticed the Pulseway client connects to the server console, not a standard Windows RDP session.
Something that I haven’t had to do in years fixed this issue, namely turning off graphic hardware acceleration. (right click desktop, click screen resolution, the link to advanced settings, tab troubleshooting and slide the slider all the way to the left.

The sessions were suddenly as fast as a normal RDP session.

This thing hasn’t been documented anywhere, so hopefully it’ll help if anyone who has the same slow RDP client sessions on other remote monitoring or shared desktop software like Teamviewer and ISL.


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2016/09/16 bij 16:43

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